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" Our apartment was so much work for us and we wanted to sell it fast, but my husband was frustrated with the low offers from the "I Buy Houses" companies. We could not complete any more repairs becuase tenants would not pay rents. When I found Multi Family Xchange online, they were our Saviours! They evaluated our situation and the property and matched us with their investors for several cash offers within a month! We sold it without evicting anyone, fixing anything and didn't even have to go back to the property."

Monica P.

" I had three duplexes and all had been vacated due to condition and City code enforecment was after me. I had loads of postcards from companies wanting to buy them, but I work full-time and was too busy trying to get people into them. Max Property Offer listened to what I wanted out of them, showed the properties to all these investors and handed me all the offers. They even called the City to tell them I was getting them sold and cleaned up! Done deal."

Dale D.

" My duplex was getting run down by bad tenants and I also could not get them to pay rents on time. I wanted to cash out, but a Realtor told me it needed a roof to pass bank approvals for a buyer. I did not have money for a new roof and just wanted to cash out, but offers from those Cash Buyers were way too low. They were making offers without even seeing the property! [Multi Family Xchange] was able to get all the local investors to compete and my offers went way up once I wasn't dealing with just one investor at a time. Sold it without having to kick out my bad tenant. So easy."

Lance C.

" Call these guys! This is an amazing service. If you have a property that Realtors won't touch or just don't want to deal with or pay a Realtor, but still want to get the highest offer fast, call them. They know all the cash investors. No fees to me!"

Kevin B.

We had a five unit property that my parents left me. My son was living in it and once he moved away we didn't want to deal with other renters anymore. I had a Realtor list it for eight months, but she always said she couldn't sell it because it needed to be fixed up. A friend told me to contact Multi Family Xchange and I had several cash offers in weeks. Sold it without lifting a finger for repairs."

Lori N.

"My husband and I wanted to retire. We had owned the apartment building for 19 years. My husband was getting to the age were he couldn't keep up with it. It needed work. I wanted to sell and travel. After he spoke to Max Property Offer and realized they would take over all the showings and find the buyer with the highest offer without us having to put any money up to fix it, he was sold. The process was smooth and fast. We even found an investor that gave us [a] cash down payment and we still have a mortgage on the property and make monthly income. Great company."

Sallie P.

"This company has a great way to sell beat up properties. My father-in-law had a Quadplex he has been self-managing for 20+ years. He's now 86 yrs old. Place is not in a good part of town anymore. I told him about Multi Family Xchange because I knew Realtors would not want to deal with this type location. These guys [Multi Family Xchange] came in and dealt with bad tenants and got this place sold in weeks to a cash buyer AND a good price. I'm in the mortgage industry and I knew no bank would loan on this property. Multi Family Xchange was the perfect fit!"

Mitch B.

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